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The OCTO+ Fire Alarm Control Panel is built on the pedigree of the worldwide known JUNO NET. Now featuring a fully peer-to-peer, multi-master networking solution. This new “Chameleon Network” solution enables extreme resilience in very large distributed systems. On a Chameleon Network system, each network NODE+ has, in its internal configuration memory, the whole system information, i.e. in the unlikely event of a communication loss, there is no performance degradation of individual NODE+. The network layout is usually configured in a closed loop or having physical multi-paths for communications redundancy, which can use either RS422 or Fibre-Optic mediums. It can also use Ethernet interfaces which can use the existing networking infrastructure. A Chameleon Network can accommodate up to 32 NODE+. Each OCTO+ panel can support from 1 to 4 addressable loops, giving a total of 128 loops in a single system! Naturally, it also supports remote access with our proprietary ODYSSEY Graphics Interface, as well as integration with third party Building Management Systems through a Modbus output. The graphic backlit LCD display accommodates any type of custom characters or graphic symbols, allowing multi-language support, as well as pictorial and customisable elements. Housed in an aluminum back box with a reversible plastic lid, it comprises a PSU, a Front End Display for visualisation of the C&I equipment status, a NODE+ unit with the loop card fitted and networking interfaces if necessary. For each 4 loops there is space for installing up to 12 A/H 24V DC Sealed Lead Acid backup batteries, more than enough to provide up to 24 H battery supply to the NODE+ and ZEOS associated devices which boast extremely low current consumption. Take into account that all networked panels share the complete system knowledge. On a multi OCTO+ networked panels, as far as the network architecture is concerned, if no human-machine Interface is needed at a specific location, instead of using a complete OCTO+ panel with display built in, a simple NODE+ panel can be used. By having the same 4 Loops available and housed in the same aluminium back box, without the Front End Display built in the lid, the NODE+ offers the possibility to extend the system, keeping the human interface access only available at specific locations. In addition to this, each NODE+ has provision to communicate with a remote Repeater unit using any of the networking interfaces. The “Cause and Effect” programming as well as customer specific Configurations, can be uploaded to any OCTO+ panel in the network using the CHAMELEON CONNECTOR software tool. This is done by USB connection. Later the updated panel can broadcast the same configuration to all other Chameleon Network panels.



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